Sunday afternoon treat: bricelets & tea!

Another weekend has gone!
I have been so busy sorting out all the stuff for the move that I hardly had the time to sit down and relax a bit.

When I had finally finished packing and cleaning everything I decided to treat myself with something nice and SWEET!
I had recently bought the bricelets iron but I still hadn’t the chance to try it out…and today seemed just the perfect occasion.

Bricelets are a typical Swiss sweet whose recipe changes a bit from one region to another, and apparently each family has a secret trick as well! They are like very thin and crunchy waffles cooked on a decorated iron. Back in the years people used to place the iron into the chimney, nowadays things are a bit easier as there are a lot of electric and easy to use irons. You can buy them in different shapes and for different prices..I got a quite basic one and it works great.

They are really easy to prepare. For the dough you will need flour, sugar, a little bit of white wine, double cream (I used milk to make it lighter) and eggs. You simply have to mix everything together and let it rest for a couple of hours.

When the dough is ready, turn on the iron, make sure it is VERY hot, pour one tea spoon of dough and close it immediately.
Let it cook for 2-3 minute (not longer or they’ll burn) and they are ready!
If you want you can roll them, but you have to be super quick because they tend to harden very quickly and you might risk to break them. As you can see from the picture, I have only managed to roll a very few of them!

I tried mine with custard and cream and they were absolutely fantastic!

I had such a great time relaxing on the sofa listening to Regina Spector, sipping my Vanille&Robois tea and munching A LOT of bricelet! Pure bliss!


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