Hi Volunia, nice to meet you!

Today at 12:00 CET at the University of Padua it’s been presented the new 100% made in Italy search engine: Volunia.

The creator, Massimo Marchiori, has proudly introduced it, going through the main features and underlining more than once that Volunia is not the anti-Google as many newspapers have defined it. Thanks to its “social” features is more something that is going to integrate Google, but certainly the aim is not to replace the Californian giant nor to be its rival.

For all the IT experts, Massimo Marchiori is  a well known name, but I would still like to spend a couple of lines about him for all those people that are hearing his name for the first time.
Mr Marchiori was born in Padua, Italy in 1970 and is currently a professor at the University of Padua of Database and Information Systems, Computer Networks and Web technologies.
Since April 2010 he is also Chief Technology Officer of Atomium Culture, an international non-profit organisation formed by European universities, newspapers and business whose mission is the dissemination and knowledge transfer of European research.
He has obtained several international prizes, such as the prestigious prize TR100 by the Technology Review, published by the MIT.
Finally Marchiori is also the creator of HyperSearch algorythm, thanks to which the search results are not anymore based exclusively in single pages ranks, since it also takes in consideration the relationship between the single pages and the rest of the web (which has also partially influenced the algorythm at the base of Google’s success).

Etymology wise, the name is a contraction of two Italian words “volo” (flight) and “luna” (moon) and as Mr Marchiori explained, it has been thought to represents the ambition of its team and the potential of the project. Content wise, it will be available in 12 languages and it will be an innovative way to search and discover new things. Please have a look at the presentation: http://www.unipd-cmela.it/volunia/

A few months ago I have registered to become a Power User and woohoo, I have been selected! I am very excited about the idea of starting to discover Volunia and I hope to be able to give you more information and feedback in the coming weeks.

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