Amsterdam Zeeburg Camping – ever slept in a Wagonette?

I was just going through some pictures and I bumped into these ones taken last September in Amsterdam:





I love camping, sleeping in a tent on the grass..but as soon as I saw these wagonettes I just fell in love with them and I had to try them!
I was in Amsterdam for work and after a week wearing heels and business suits I had the extreme need of a couple of informal and relaxing days..the Zeeburg camping was just the perfect place.

It is not centrally located, but still very easy to reach by tram from the main station.
The camping is by the sea and far away from the traffic and noise..the staff is super friendly and there is a nice buffet for the breakfast.

The wagonettes are just super uber cool! they are equipped with bunk bed, desk, chairs and a heater..unfortunately I don’t have any picture of the inside, but trust me, they are so cozy and comfortable! I loved them and I felt so extremely relaxed when I left!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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