Hi-Fun: trendy ideas for your iPhone!

Browsing on the internet I bumped into this colorful website which really got my attention.
I was really excited in finding out that this company is 100% Italian and even more when by reading the “about us” section I discovered how young are its founders! Well done guys! đŸ™‚

“Italian fashion gadgets for iPhone, iPod, iPad & digital reader” a simple line that couldn’t describe any better the content of this website.

They produce and sell a lot of nice gadgets and I really fell in love with two of them:

  • hi-Ring: a telephone handset for your iPhone, iPad, Mac etc etc. It is just lovely and it comes in many different colours. I really like the idea of using this fashionable, vintage handset..it brings me back to my childhood.


  • hi-Sun: which is at the same time a bag, a beach towel and a speaker!


Congrats guys! You really have so many brilliant ideas for very cool gadgets!
I am so curious to try a few of them!

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