A typical Italian lunch!

My intention was to post something about the Olympics, but I am still editing a few videos and pictures, so I decided to use an old picture to let you discover some typical Italian products.

I know…from the Olympics to food…you might have guessed I am not the most sporty person! Although I am really loving the atmosphere in the city! 🙂

Typical Italian products!

Typical Italian products!

Apologies for the not so stylish table cloth and presentation, but I guess that when I set the table and took the picture, I was not planning to write a blog post about it!

Anyway…let’s talk business!

All these products were bought at the Ferney Voltaire market, a lovely food market at the gates of Geneva, open every Saturday morning until around lunch time.
If you have just moved to Geneva (Switzerland) and you are looking for some nice places to go food shopping, this is definitely the place to go. It is easily reachable by bus from the city centre and it is right across the border with France.
You will be amazed by the huge quantity of fresh vegetables, fruit, fishes, cheese! (Not to mention that it is actually cheaper shopping in near by France rather than in Geneva!).

What’s on the table then?

Mozzarella di bufala (Buffalo Mozzarella): this is typical from the Campania region. It is generally softwer and with a stronger and more intense flavour than the normal mozzarella. It is one of the Italian cheeses, together with Parmigiano and Gorgonzola, the European Union granted the Protected Geographical Status to.

Burrata: is a fresh cheese typical from Puglia region. The main characteristic is a solid mozzarella outer shell, and a creamy mix of mozzarella and cream inside.

Porchetta: is a savory pork roast typical from Ariccia, a small town in the province of Rome. It is flavoured with garlic, rosemary, fennel and it is traditionally rosted over wood.

A tip: both Mozzarella di bufala and burrata are best if served at room temperature. Porchetta is delicious in a warm panini!


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