Couscous with peppers and poached egg on top

Another easy and quick recipe!

Cut some red, green and yellow bell peppers into small stripes (about 1 cm wide or little less) and put them in a pan with some onion and olive oil.

Let it cook for a few minutes then add some tomato sauce, not too much, you don’t want to give a too tomato-ish flavour.I added it mostly to give some colour and to add some liquid.

After a few minutes turn the heat off and add the couscous, salt, freshly grounded black pepper and some rosemarine. Then cover the pan with its lid and let it cook in its own steam for about 5 minutes (this really depends on what kind of couscous you are using though…if you are using big couscous this might take longer and vice-versa).
If it is all too dry add some boiling water but make sure to do so little by little and be careful not to add too much or your couscous will become a big sticky ball.

In the meantime boil some water, when it is all bubbly, stir it quickly with a spoon and poach  your egg in. You want to make sure that the yolk is still running (as it will be delicious with the rest of the dish) so don’t overcook.

Et voilà!



Sunday lunch in Brick Lane

Brick Lane is one of my favourite London’s area: vintage shops, street markets, trendy people, food markets, clubs, bars…the list could go on and on.
You can literally go there at any time of the day and find something cool to do, or something tasty to eat.

It’s famous for its delicious Indian restaurants (which are really nice, although so far my super uber favourite one is Tayyabs, which is not exactly in Brick Lane, but not far away either), however if you go there during the weekend (especially on Sunday) you will also have a wide range of ethnic delicacies to choose in the food markets.

Last Sunday we woke up late, still feeling slightly knackered from the night before…we were hungry but couldn’t be bothered to cook…we were tired and wanted to stay home, but it was sunny and hey, we all know this is not something usual in London, so Brick Lane suddenly sounded like the place to go.

We met with some friends, walked a bit around the food stalls just to have a look and try to decide what to get (you have so much choice that it is really hard to pick one thing!), and once we made our minds we sat outside and enjoyed our meals.

Needless to say that it was lovely…the food, the company and just the possibility to sit outside in the sun (after such a rainy summer we do deserve some sun!). 🙂

This time I gave Ethiopian food a try…despite all those curries, burritos and tempura were so appealing, I really felt like having something light and healthy and those Ethiopian dishes were just what I was looking for: injera (Ethiopian soft pancake) with three sauces, chick peas, beet root salad, olives, and those little bright green pearls whose name I don’t remember (help me if you know it!). 🙂

Ethiopian meal

Ethiopian meal

Here below you can find a few other pictures from the food market.

Aren’t you hungry now? 😉