It’s Saturday


It’s Saturday, It’s 08:04 pm and still have no plans at all for the evening.

Where has the Saturday night fever gone? Or better..Has the Saturday night fever ever existed in this city? I really doubt about it.

I have been living in Geneva (Switzerland) for one year and a half and I still don’t understand it. Rome is my hometown and it has my heart, with London was love at first sight, but Geneva? I would not even define it as a love/hate relationship..we simply didn’t click!

I moved here thinking “cool! New city, new experience, new people to meet”, while walking around I was thinking “cool, swimming in the lake during the summer, skiing in the winter, this is an ace place”..then I realized that swimming in the lake is not that exciting, it’s more tiring than swimming in the sea and far too cold for me..slopes around here are not that great and far too crowded during the week end..and most of all, where are all the new people to meet?

I mean, it’s been one year and a half since I moved here, it’s 8.12pm of a Saturday night and no plans to go out? No parties to rock? I mean, really?

What do you guys do after 6pm when all the shops close?

Saturday in Geneva is such a strange day! If you go out in the afternoon you see everyone rushing, shopping, queuing in the supermarket (so annoying!)..then at 6pm, puff! Everyone magically disappears, streets become empty and..I find myself sitting on the sofa writing a new post and thinking “OMG, I would so like to wear that new purple dress and go clubbing with friends!”.

If I didn’t have other experiences somewhere else I would now be thinking that it’s me and that I have some problems in socializing, but no, noo, nooo! I am a people person, I love being surrounded by lot of friends, I love organizing parties and most of all, attending parties! What happened here?

When I first came I used to go out with some fellow interns from the UN, but after all these months, they are all gone! Some of them are back to their homeland, some other are in some remote parts of the world working or travelling.
In my new job I have very nice work mates but they are a bit older than me and most of all with kids (don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against kids!).. they are more like “let’s organize a quiet get together on Saturday afternoon so that the kids can play!”, I am more the kind of person whose Facebook’s status on Sunday morning reads something like “that was a kick ass party! I am still tipsy, I am going to sleep!”..ahh! good old times!

Oh well, it’s 8.31pm, the pizza is ready and the movie is about to start! Never seen so many movies and eaten so much pizza in my life!

Have a drink, or two for me.

See you later.

PS: I promise that the next posts are not going to be so depressing, I promise! đŸ™‚