A summer thought: Gelato!

While sitting on the sofa on a rainy (for a change!) summer day, sipping a boiling coffee and craving for a huge ice-cream possibly by the sea, with lot of sun and some light fresh marine breeze…I thought that since I can’t actually have neither of those things, I could at least share a few thoughts with you! 🙂

First of all…since I have been living abroad, it happened a lot of time listening to people saying: “I prefer gelato over ice-cream”. Mmmh…I don’t want to sound like the typical Italian that turns super picky when it comes to food, but let me clarify one little thing: gelato and ice-cream are the same thing! Ice-cream is the English translation for gelato, not more not less.
I had some people telling me that gelato is more creamy, while ice-cream is more…ice-y? Mmmh, not sure where this misconception comes from, but I assure you that it’s 100% wrong! 🙂 Gelato and ice-cream have the same texture..because they are the same thing! The less creamy version is called sorbet, and it generally has fruit flavours and contains no diary products.

The history of ice-cream goes back in the centuries: apparently an ice-cream like food was eaten in China back in 618-97AD, and also Roman emperors used to eat something similar made out of snow brought to the cities by slaves and then mixed with fruit.

Well, I think we can all easily understand why it became more and more popular over the centuries: it’s delicious! I have never met anyone who don’t like it…and what about those huge ice-creams eaten for lunch during the hottest summer days?! Yum, I’d better stop day dreaming.

I have eaten a lot (and I mean A LOT) of lovely ice-cream in my life, but I have recently discovered a new shop who makes proper artisanal ice-cream and that immediately became one of my favourite: Grom.

A friend of mine introduced me to the Grom’s world when I visited her a few months ago in Milan, however I found out that it is originally from Turin and there are a few other shops in other cities as well.

The shops have this old fashioned look and as soon as you get in you really expect to get a fantastic ice-cream. What I extremely like is that they only use high quality and seasonal products: in fact beyond the typical and most common flavours you can find a few others that change depending on the season or even month.

…I would be so eager to taste the July’s flavour: Peach sorbet with Colombian chocolate and Amaretti biscuits! YUM!

Anyway, this is how Grom’s ice-cream looks like…I really love the way it is shaped on the cone! 🙂

Mango, Pistacho and Chocolate ice-cream!

Grom…any plan to open a shop in London?! 🙂