Two random findings on the internet

I spent quite a lot of time today browsing the internet and I bumped into two strange interesting things: the Hipster Dust and the Shippo Tail.

The first one is a mix of “vegan spices mixture” created by someone, somewhere in New York.

                                              Image from

Now, in all honesty I think this is nothing so incredibly innovative, but just a smart and catchy name to market a product that probably already exists. Plus, maybe I am wrong, and if I am please correct me, but what does it mean exactly “vegan spices”? I know what vegan means, and I know what spices are…but my question is: can spices be not vegan? Anyway, as I mentioned before, I honestly think that this is a smart name for a product, especially considering how “cool and trendy” is being a hipster these days, and anyone that comes up with an original idea definitely deserves the success that comes from it, so I am not moving any critic at all…and anyway…who am I to judge? 🙂

The second finding is this new “device” (the brackets are simply because I find it hard to use this word for a furry tail! 🙂 ) called Shippo (= tail in Japanese) produced by the Japanese company Neurowear. At a first glance you might frown and think: “why should I want to stuck a furry tail to my back!?”,  but if you think about the technology behind it, let alone the tail itself, I think it is actually a cool idea.

Here you have the advert which, as most of the thing made in Japan, is extremely cute!

How does it work anyway? The tail reads electrical waves emitted by the brain through an electroencephalography apparatus and manifests them as wagging. The device is also linked to a smartphone which records a mood map. Of course it might sound odd, but I could really see how something like this might be used in certain situations or with people with certain health condition (of course not under the shape of a tail, that’s obvious), and I really like this “moving things with my mind” concept.

Unfortunately Shippo is still at concept stage and despite there are some working models it is still unsure whether it will reach or not the manufacturing stage.