Two random findings on the internet

I spent quite a lot of time today browsing the internet and I bumped into two strange interesting things: the Hipster Dust and the Shippo Tail.

The first one is a mix of “vegan spices mixture” created by someone, somewhere in New York.

                                              Image from

Now, in all honesty I think this is nothing so incredibly innovative, but just a smart and catchy name to market a product that probably already exists. Plus, maybe I am wrong, and if I am please correct me, but what does it mean exactly “vegan spices”? I know what vegan means, and I know what spices are…but my question is: can spices be not vegan? Anyway, as I mentioned before, I honestly think that this is a smart name for a product, especially considering how “cool and trendy” is being a hipster these days, and anyone that comes up with an original idea definitely deserves the success that comes from it, so I am not moving any critic at all…and anyway…who am I to judge? 🙂

The second finding is this new “device” (the brackets are simply because I find it hard to use this word for a furry tail! 🙂 ) called Shippo (= tail in Japanese) produced by the Japanese company Neurowear. At a first glance you might frown and think: “why should I want to stuck a furry tail to my back!?”,  but if you think about the technology behind it, let alone the tail itself, I think it is actually a cool idea.

Here you have the advert which, as most of the thing made in Japan, is extremely cute!

How does it work anyway? The tail reads electrical waves emitted by the brain through an electroencephalography apparatus and manifests them as wagging. The device is also linked to a smartphone which records a mood map. Of course it might sound odd, but I could really see how something like this might be used in certain situations or with people with certain health condition (of course not under the shape of a tail, that’s obvious), and I really like this “moving things with my mind” concept.

Unfortunately Shippo is still at concept stage and despite there are some working models it is still unsure whether it will reach or not the manufacturing stage.

How to save a wet smartphone and iPad!

First of all, you should never ever put a bottle of water in the same bag as your smartphone and iPad! Even worse if it’s a water resistant leather bag, as the water will never get in, but will never completely go out either and your beloved electronic devices will start swimming…then eventually drowning! 😦

If you are in a hurry and want to know how I saved them, scroll down towards the end of the post…if you have time and you are up for some drama…keep reading! 🙂

I was in a shop, trying to decide what to buy…at some point I saw the floor a bit wet and some drops falling down. “What kind of shop is this? There is water dropping from the ceiling…and what’s even worse is that the staff seems not to care about it”…I was a bit confused but I kept looking around (ehm..I was in  a bakery and was totally carried away by all those cakes!).

I eventually made my choice, opened my bag to take my purse and…OMG there was water everywhere! At that point I understood where that water was coming from…not from the ceiling, but from my bag!!! Sh*t!

I was panicking, especially because right before leaving home my boyfriend warned me: “careful, you shouldn’t put that bottle of water in the bag”…and the idea of having to face the “I told you so” look was making me panic even more!

So basically I came back, made the quickest run ever to the bathroom, locked the door and started removing the cover, the battery and the sim card from the phone, and the cover from the iPad, and tried to dry them with a towel.

There was water everywhere, it seemed like the more I was drying them, the more they were getting wet. Alas, there was only one thing left to do: tell the truth and ask for help!

Fortunately the reaction was much better than what I was expecting and here it is how we saved both the phone and the iPad:

  • we took a big bowl, poured in around two kilos of uncooked rice and left the devices there, all covered by the rice, for about 24 hrs.

Easy as it sounds! The rice will absorb all the humidity and your devices will start working properly again!  It is really important that you remove the battery and the sim card (you can keep the sim in a safe place, but the battery needs to go in the rice as well), and most of all that you don’t try to turn the device on or to use it when it is still wet, as this might cause a short circuit.

So don’t panic, 90% of the times the damage is not that big as you can think and you can easily sort it out!

Good luck! 🙂



Hi-Fun: trendy ideas for your iPhone!

Browsing on the internet I bumped into this colorful website which really got my attention.
I was really excited in finding out that this company is 100% Italian and even more when by reading the “about us” section I discovered how young are its founders! Well done guys! 🙂

“Italian fashion gadgets for iPhone, iPod, iPad & digital reader” a simple line that couldn’t describe any better the content of this website.

They produce and sell a lot of nice gadgets and I really fell in love with two of them:

  • hi-Ring: a telephone handset for your iPhone, iPad, Mac etc etc. It is just lovely and it comes in many different colours. I really like the idea of using this fashionable, vintage brings me back to my childhood.


  • hi-Sun: which is at the same time a bag, a beach towel and a speaker!


Congrats guys! You really have so many brilliant ideas for very cool gadgets!
I am so curious to try a few of them!

Hi Volunia, nice to meet you!

Today at 12:00 CET at the University of Padua it’s been presented the new 100% made in Italy search engine: Volunia.

The creator, Massimo Marchiori, has proudly introduced it, going through the main features and underlining more than once that Volunia is not the anti-Google as many newspapers have defined it. Thanks to its “social” features is more something that is going to integrate Google, but certainly the aim is not to replace the Californian giant nor to be its rival.

For all the IT experts, Massimo Marchiori is  a well known name, but I would still like to spend a couple of lines about him for all those people that are hearing his name for the first time.
Mr Marchiori was born in Padua, Italy in 1970 and is currently a professor at the University of Padua of Database and Information Systems, Computer Networks and Web technologies.
Since April 2010 he is also Chief Technology Officer of Atomium Culture, an international non-profit organisation formed by European universities, newspapers and business whose mission is the dissemination and knowledge transfer of European research.
He has obtained several international prizes, such as the prestigious prize TR100 by the Technology Review, published by the MIT.
Finally Marchiori is also the creator of HyperSearch algorythm, thanks to which the search results are not anymore based exclusively in single pages ranks, since it also takes in consideration the relationship between the single pages and the rest of the web (which has also partially influenced the algorythm at the base of Google’s success).

Etymology wise, the name is a contraction of two Italian words “volo” (flight) and “luna” (moon) and as Mr Marchiori explained, it has been thought to represents the ambition of its team and the potential of the project. Content wise, it will be available in 12 languages and it will be an innovative way to search and discover new things. Please have a look at the presentation:

A few months ago I have registered to become a Power User and woohoo, I have been selected! I am very excited about the idea of starting to discover Volunia and I hope to be able to give you more information and feedback in the coming weeks.